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catering options for a tea?


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Hey all--my boss would like to have a somewhat formal tea (sandwiches and the like) for our annual meeting. I googled and came up with Le Petit Chef and just wondering if anyone has any experience with them, or if there are any other caterers in general you'd recommend who could pull something like that off?

Who are your favorite caterers in Philly, in general?

It's a fairly traditional crowd, would be looking for something lighter like small sandwiches, scones, etc.

Thanks as usual for the advice!

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What he said. Those are the two most popular caterers in town.

Katie M. Loeb
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Bartendrix,Intoxicologist, Beverage Consultant, Philadelphia, PA
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I was gonna suggest Manna Catering, because I've enjoyed events catered by them. Plus, there's the charitable aspect. But upon perusing Manna's site, I learned:

On behalf of the not-for-profit MANNA, I am pleased to announce that its for-profit catering company, M Catering (aka MANNA Catering, Inc.) has been sold to Eric and Michelle Gantz, effective January 1, 2008.

MANNA is undergoing an extensive renovation of its kitchen facility in early spring of 2008 in order to accommodate the growing number of individuals we are now serving. The space previously occupied by our catering company is needed for the expansion of our primary mission and for this reason we have decided to sell the company.

As you know, Eric Gantz has been the acclaimed catering executive chef and manager of M Catering for more than three years. Eric`s culinary talents and management skills have built this small business into a successful entity. We are confident that Eric and Michelle will enjoy great success and continue to share a portion of their profits with MANNA.

We hope that you will continue to engage M Catering for your future catering needs. Eric and Michelle have personally embraced the MANNA mission and we look forward to them being part of our family for years to come.

You may contact Eric Gantz and M Catering directly at 215-940-0506 or amea@comcast.net.


Richard Keaveney 


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