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Food in/around Fort Myers

Ted Task

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Had to go to the Ft. Myers area twice in the past month, and as I remembered it, unless one goes down to Naples it is difficult to find a decent meal (I'm NOT knocking the always available grouper sandwich).

That having been said, I found two restaurants that are worthy of consideration. My only regret is that I ate in each one only once, so my comments/report is based on small sampling.

Friends took us to CRU, 13499 S. US 41 in Ft Myers tel 239-466-3663 where they introduced me to Brian A Roland CCC the Exec Chef and one of the partners Michael Knox-Director of Operations. web site www. crufoodandwine.com and one could e mail brian@crufoodandwine.com

I was tried from travel and an opening glass of a rose sparkler from France lifted my spirits. Brian then put more than several different offerings in front of us (my friends had advertised me as a great foodie) and I found everything lovely to look at and almost everything very tasty and interesting. My apologies, I did not keep notes, but let me assure you that this is a VERY worthy stop.

On another trip (same friends, same travel weary me) I dined very elegantly at FARFALLA in Corkscrew Village , 21301 Tamiami Trail S., Estero tel 239-495-9912 where I met Chef owner Michael Fattah . Once again, no notes, but after ordering and looking, I said "This Chef has classical training!" and after a super meal I spoke with him and he gave me his background. I was right.

So I'll end this little blurb with one statement-Go to either of these havens and enjoy!

I'll be interested to see what others who may have more time report.

Ted Task

Rockville, MD

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