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Original Terry's All Gold Selection?

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I would like to try and recreate my own version of the selection that used to be in the Terry's All Gold box from the 1960s/70s.

Many of the chocolates were shaped in moulds you can still buy today so it should be possible to get close to the original format.

I have googled and not found any info on what the All Gold box used to contain. The current selections look totally different.

My vague memories from childhood when All Gold always came out at Christmas are outlined below.

If anyone can add to or correct this list I would be really grateful.

Russian Caramel - shape rectangular dipped in chocolate

Rum truffle - tube shape - dark chocolate rolled in vermicelli in cello phane twist

Strawberry Cream - fruit fondant in double sided strawberry mould

Coffee Cream - coffee fondant shape?

Barrel shape- cannot remember the filling

Pinched Sack shape - think this was chartreuse cream

Nougat - shape?

Vanilla Cream - shape?

Orange Cream - shape?

Ginger pat?

Turkish delight - square shape?

there may have been some nut ones but I think my mother ate all of those as I cannot remember them at all!

I think the City museum in York might be a source but I now live a long way from there.

Many thanks for any help,


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Would it be rude to ask why?

My mother loves family tradition and while we were still at home we always had All Gold for Christmas. She bought some when she came to stay with me a year ago and they were just not the same at all, but we all made polite noises.

I've been making my own chocolates for just over a year now and would really like to do this for fun, and for my mum. I reckoned if I used a good chocolate it would be worthwhile. Neither my mum nor most of the people I sell chocolates to show any interest in 'modern' flavours so this rather fits with what I have to do anyway.

Thank you for the museum link, I did not know about them.

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Oooohh My dad always bought my mum Terry's All Gold on special occasions, my favourites were the Strawberry and the Coffee Cream.

My recollections are there was a Brazil Nut one and did one contain Stem Ginger?I think this was my mums favourite.

Also was this the chocolate box the James Bond type left the diamond ring in or was that Milk Tray which I did not like at all!

I think this is a wonderfull idea, Lucky Mum!!

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Barrel shape- cannot remember the filling - clear & green but of what I don;t know

Pinched Sack shape - think this was chartreuse cream - Yes

vanilla - i recall oval shape

Turkish delight - parallelogram shaped

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You may have already seen this but there is the old advert for 'see the face you love light up' on you tube here

It gives a quick sweep across the open box and might just jog some egulleteers memories about the fillings?

I think the one with the three piped chocolate shells on top was a vanilla cream.

Good luck with the chocolates

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I wish I could say I had, and thank you for asking.

I contacted the company that now owns the All Gold label and heard absolutely nothing back. My other enquires have also drawn blank. I think I need to go to some of the museums in person. The video link above was fun to see and made me realise that there were quite a few chocs in the box that I could not remember at all!

I was just going to do the few that I had worked out but my mum has not been well for a bit and has lost most of her appetite, so this Christmas the timing was not right. I am planning to pull some of this together for Mothering Sunday by which time she should be a lot brighter. So if anyone had any All Gold flash backs over Christmas please let me know.


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