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An Easter Sunday Celebration

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It’s my 40th birthday on Easter Sunday. An awkward day (and not much notice) to arrange a meal. I don’t drive and I’m based in London. I would like to either go somewhere for a special meal in the capital, or have an excursion to a (grand?/good?/interesting?) hotel with a really worthwhile restaurant. Anywhere within two hours train travel would be a possibility.

Suggestions would be much welcomed.

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Hotels your best bet for swish places which also open Sun - I'd recommend Foliage, Capital, Landau at the Langham. Also Claridges should be open.

Also The Square normally opens Sunday evenings.

These are normal Sunday openings - check for Easter Sun arrangements but I have a suspicion many of these will remain open. Given the Bank Hol it should be quite easy to get bookings - most ppl are out of town!

Also bear in mind I think Gordon Ramsay @RHR opens bank holiday mondays - normally a very good day to try to snag a table as its understandably very quiet.


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