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What's in your knife kit?


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I'd add a pair of 9 or 10 inch stainless Cooking Tongs to the list.

For me that's an essential.

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"There's nothing like a pork belly to steady the nerves."

Fergus Henderson

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Besides things already listed:

Wire cutters (for getting the fins off of bigger fishies)

A pocket Spanish-English dictionary

Hair ties

When I worked in a restaurant, I kept plate diagrams for the first few weeks, and I'd review them on my way in to work or on breaks to be sure I was getting it right.

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In my everyday kit:

Chef's Knives: 10 in., 10 in. Heavy/Wide, 8 in.

Boning Knives: 5.5 in. Stiff, 6 in. Flex

Paring Knives: 3.5 in., tournet, sheepsfoot, Old dull 3.5 in for frenching bones.

Cimetar 14 in.

Slicers: 12 in. Granton, 10 in pointed

Bread Knife


Pastry tips assorted plain and star

Pastry Bags 2 large

Whisks, Ballon and heavy

Pallete knives 2

fish spat, left handed

Japanese Mandoline

bench knife

grill spat

rubber spat, high temp

parisian scoops, 3 sizes


wine key



Caviar spoon

Truffle shaver

Peeler 2

Ring cutters straight and flutted


tongs, 2 pair 8 and 12 in.

heavy kitchen fork

straight carving fork

plating spoons 6

slotted kitchen spoon

solid kitchen spoon

ladle 6 oz.

small ball of butcher's twine

Edited to complete.

Edited by TJHarris (log)


It is all about respect; for the ingredient, for the process, for each other, for the profession.

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2 10" Chef

1 10" slicer

2 8" Chef

1 7" Asian Chef

1 fillet

1 boning

1 offset serrated

1 6" utility

3 paring

1 bird's beak

ceramic "steel"


Two fish spats, one stainless, one plastic

2 tongs, 8" & 12"

offset spats

2 Chef'n Sili Spats

3 peelers

2 melon ballers

apple corer

Benriner mandolin

a couple of tips and bags


"fish" tweezers

handful of iced tea spoons

2 sauce spoons

wooden spoons

measuring spoons

measuring cups

truffle/chocolate slicer

needle and thread


Knives are in a traditional roll, the rest is in an old, red Snap-On tool box.

Gear nerd and hash slinger

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210mm gyuto

10" chef's

150mm petty

165mm honesuki

270mm sujihiki

3.5" paring

8" chef's for deba-like use

9" serrated slicer

smooth steel

fish tweezers


heat-resistant plastic spoon


heat-resistant rubber spat

measuring spoons

fish spat


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This are my everyday knives and such. I don't keep my entire knife roll at work. I usually don't have a need for every knife in it, so I just keep the "essentials."


Left to right:

9 1/2" Chefs/Gyutou, Masahiro

9 1/2" Slicer/Sujibiki, Masahiro

6" Boning, F. Dick (My last knife from school in the process of being phased out for the 6" Masahiro Honesuki/Boning)

5" Utility, MAC


8" Palette Knife, Williams Sonoma (this is the palette knife of choice for TFL and alumni)

4" Offset Palette Knife

Smooth Steel

Also included:

Drag peeler

Set of ring molds


Bottle Opener/Wine Key (Essential for the after work beer! :)

Paint Brush (Currently in use for my foie dish at the moment)

Not pictured:

Plating/Saucing Spoons

-Chef Johnny

John Maher
Executive Chef/Owner
The Rogue Gentlemen

Richmond, VA

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