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"House" Selections

campus five

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Dark Rum - Bacardi 8 (why does no one else mention this? It's the one objectively great product Bacardi makes

I dont think Damrak is quite the same thing. I haven't tried it, but the impression I get is that it's something closer to Boomsma

And I did list Bacardi 8! I like the stuff, but I like Flor de Cana 7 better.

Andy Arrington

Journeyman Drinksmith


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eje, you suck! You California people and your easy-to-get spirits! Breaks the heart...


Well, I've been accumulating for a few years now. Fortunately, the nature of my Savoy project means, aside from Gin and Vermouth, I seldom have to replace more than a bottle at a time. And yeah, I somehow seem to have amassed a bunch of Absinthe.


Erik Ellestad

If the ocean was whiskey and I was a duck...

Bernal Heights, SF, CA

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I'm lazy. Can I just submit a class photo?


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"Martinis should always be stirred, not shaken, so that the molecules lie sensuously one on top of the other." - W. Somerset Maugham

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Some cocktails work better with one brand over another, but I'm curious to see what people's standard house pours are for various base spirits and other standard ingredients. I'm especially curious to see if there are any other great bargains that make good house brands.

Back to the subject of "house brands," mine are pretty fixed:

Gin: Beefeater, and Plymouth for drinks where a softer gin is better

Tequila: I've settled on Milagro, although I occasionally splurge on El Tesoro reposado.

Brandy: Landy VS

White rum: Flor de Cana

Dark rum: Bacardi 8, Inner Circle green (when I can find it)

Rye: Rittenhouse Bonded or Wild Turkey

Apple brandy: Laird's Applejack and Laird's bonded

Scotch: I tend to buy whatever vatted malt is available and relatively inexpensive.

Triple sec: Marie Brizard (sometimes I splurge on Cointreau)

Maraschino: Luxardo

Vermouth: Noilly Prat (dry) and Carpano Antica (sweet). Also Lillet Blanc.

Various other liqueurs: Chartreuse, Campari, Drambuie, Benedictine, Herbsaint, MB Apry.

That's not everything in my bar, but it's the stuff I use most often. I'll switch from my usual brands if something else good is on sale or I feel like splurging, but these tend to be the best values I can find. Are there "better" brands? Undoubtedly, but these work for me.

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I'll play:

Gin: Plymouth, Gordon's (usually have Citadelle instead), Junipero, Zuidam Genever.

Rye: Rittenhouse Bonded

Bourbon: Eagle Rare

Scotch: Peat Monster. Asyla and Lagavullin 15 for sipping.

Cognac/Brandy: basic Pierre Ferrand. have a Spanish brandy ready for when that runs out.

Irish Whiskey: Jamesons.

Orange Liqueur: Citronge, Gran Gala.

Maraschino: Luxardo

Chartreuse: regular green.

Apricot: Apry

Rum: Barbancourt, Appleton White.

Violette: Deniset.

Absinthe: Edouard 72

Pastis: Pernot, Absente

Liqueurs, etc.: La Perique Tobacco, St. Germain, Benedictine, Wild Turkey Honey, Fernet Stock, Fernet Stock Citrus, Creme de Cassis, Pisco, some Amaro, Ouzo, Parfait Amour, Pontiane Gentian, Batavia Arrack, Zirbenz, Limoncello, Heering Cherry, white Creme de Cacao, dark Creme de Cacao, and a bunch of others...

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