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Calandra's Family Village


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Just saw a billboard for this tonight as I headed home from Amazing Hot Dog; the billboard is on Bloomfield Ave just after you cross over Prospect heading east. It was the first I had heard about it...anyone know more than what is on the Calandra's web site?

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At first I thought the Calandra's Family was setting up a compound -- like the Bush family in Kennebunk Maine. :rolleyes:

I think the name is going to be the Calandra's Italian Village. Very interesting - looks like they will have a bakery, a cafe, a wine store, brick oven pizza, coffee bar, gelato and underground parking for inclement weather. If they put in a castle and a "Magic Kingdom" I won't have to travel to Florida so much!

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I do not know what is going on but I have been trying to post to this thread for the last few days!!!!!

Over the last few months a group of us have been going here.  One of my husband's work friends got sick.  His sister had moved away from NJ to Southern Cali but she came back.  After he passed she has stayed on to take care of the estate and she really likes this place so we get together to help her and go out to dinner every few weeks.   We always try to sit outside if possible as it is so nice.  The servers have to split their time between tables inside and outside so we try to be aware.  Unfortunately the last time all of us were there our server was not quite on his game and left us hanging for about half an hour for our  bill and then 15 minutes for the pick up  and this was after sitting for another half hour between appetizers and mains and the same time to see if we wanted coffee or dessert.  This is the first time in years I have tipped less than 25%....Ieft about 15%.

This is a complex.......deli/ pizzeria.....bakery area....gelateria ...bar..restaurant.  We have eaten in the restaurant area and taken bakery stuff away as you can get 20% off if you eat in the restaurant.  The small meatballs sugo on the appetizer menu are in the top 3 off all meatballs I have ever eaten.  Had a salad of watermelon and tomato with goat cheese, caramelized walnuts and a balsamic vinaigrette.  I think it will be even better once the local tomatoes come in.  Everyone else who has eaten the seafood said it was very fresh and wonderful.  They devour the bread that is brought to the table with the cheese...olives and olive oil. 

My only complaints are :

1.  When we first walk in all I can smell is burned bread....turns out it is the pizza from the area to the right of the bakery

2.   I have ordered the pasta e fagioli and the lentil soups....both were woefully under seasoned

3.  The volume of the music from the bar will bleed into the dining room at levels that make normal conversation almost impossible....I'm guessing that is an effect of the high ceilings and the stone used

4.  We want to eat outside since the main dining room will be wildly cold when the air conditioning is being used... see above for possible reasons.



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