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May trip to Seattle

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I'm spending May 7-10 in downtown Seattle. Any suggestions for restaurants,breakfast, lunch or dinner? Middle range to mildly expensive. Any cuisine. Thanks

Right on...some good places to go ...Crave does a nice brunch...Tavolota is good for dinner and if you want a real cool experience...Id check Art of the Table....its a short drive from the city...but well worth it...Have a good trip!


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I went to Baguette Box for the second time about 2 weeks ago, and was again very impressed. I had a pork belly in hoysin sauce and pickled cucumber that was unbelievable. I keep seeing locals ordering some sort of sausage or meatball sandwich that looks divine. Two locations, one near downtown to the East.

Baguette Box

If you're into a sandwich lunch Tues-Fri, I'm sure people will chime in and say Salumi. I have yet to go there (primarily because they aren't open on weekends), but I did have a great sandwich at Baguette Box that had Salumi mole salami.


If you're into classic cocktails, check out Zig Zag Cafe. It has received rave reviews from many cocktail blogs around the country. Note that is it almost impossible to find at night, even with directions. I walked around Pike Place Market for a good 30 minutes before finding it. Walk on the street behind (South) of Pike Place Market, and if you're in the area directly South of where the brass pig is (located at the front entrance of the market), hopefully you will catch a glimpse of a tiny sign with an arrow pointing down some stairs to Zig Zag.

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le pichet is great morning, noon or night. I also like Vessel for cocktails. Eating at the bar at Union will get you a great cocktail and happy hour food menu until 7. For a Seattle take on pizza try Serious Pie. for late night - loud and brass and possibly the best burger go to Palace Kitchen. Or head to the ID for dim sum (not sure where you are from but it's good unless you are use to top notch like in vancouver).

You can also get salumi at DeLaurenti market in Pike Place- slice and eat as you walk

have fun!

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