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Name Some Famous Cajun Chefs


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I thought for sure Justin Wilson was a Cajun chef no? ...he is "inspired" an not a "real"?

I am shattered  :sad:

I think Joiei was including all the chefs he quoted. According to this wikipedia entry (and I trust everything I read on the internets :wink: ) Wilson is half Cajun.

Justin was from Tangipahoa Parish. His "Cajun" accent was an act. Much like the way Paula Deen pretends to be human. He was a great guy, and a precursor to Prudhomme and Emeril. I don't mean to suggest there was anything sinister about the Cajun schtick. He was an entertainer first and foremost, and a good one by all accounts.

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Justin Wilson was a comedian and motivational speaker, not a chef in the truest sense. But he was a foodie and did have real chefs working on his shows and co-writing his cookbooks.

I think I saw that you mentioned Emeril Lagasse and Paul Prudhomme, but did you mention John Folse of Lafitte's Landing fame?

Also, never forget John Besh and Susan Spicer!

Just about any member of the Brennan family, as they're pretty much New Orleans restaurant royalty.

Richard Bickford, the new Executive Chef at Tujaques, the 2nd oldest restaurant in New Orleans, has become one of the biggest up-and-comers to keep an eye on, world-wide!

Leah Chase is one of the best soul food chefs in the world and has been at the top of the New Orleans restaurant scene for over 50 years now.

He may specialize in Italian, but Sal Impastato of Sal & Judy's in LaCombe is another phenomenal long-term success story.

Tory McPhail is the new rock star head chef at Commander's Palace, arguably the best restaurant in the world. Tory isn't just filling Emeril's shoes, he's busting through the seams!

I personally hate the man, but Chef Kim Kringle of The Dakota in Covington/Mandeville can't really be left off of any list of successful and influential Louisiana chefs, simply because he owns the one and only fine dining concept on the Northshore that has been successful in the long term.

Chef Coy Mollega is a caterer out of Hammond. He's exclusive to catering these days, but Coy is pound-for-pound one of the most talented chefs in America in my opinion.

Finally, Adolpho Garcia. Latin fusion is his game, but he's an amazing New Orleans talent.

Hope these helped a little. Made me very, very homesick! Lol

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