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Mario from Fererra @ Bronte


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I've been hearing about Mario the ex- Maitre D' of Cafe Fererra joining the team @ Bronte.

Since I started my career in this biz I would ask waiters and maitre d's who is the best ( Manager) Maitre D' in the city and everyone would reply Mario from Luna, Milo's , Cafe Fererra .

I have much respect for that profession we always hear about the chef's but very little about The main guy or gal running the FLOOR

The Maitre D' as i like to still call them are a rare breed in our world they are the link from the dining room to the Chef ,

Every great chef dream's of working with a top Maitre D' so if this is true Joe Mercurie @ Bronte has added a great piece to his resturant.

has anyone heard of this.

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Con il melone si mangia , beve e si lava la facia

My Nonno Vincenzo 1921-1994

I'm craving the perfct Gateau Foret Noire .

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