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Does anybody have a recipe for sundaeguk. Unusually, I can find any on the internet. I guess it's pretty basic, but what all would go in it. There's the various innards, the sundae, and it's topped with ground kkaenip seeds, but what else...?

There was a Toejang Sundaeguk place near where I used to live in Korea, and I wish I had some today. In fact I will make some right now - I got a one-lb. package containing three frozen sundae sausages at Koreana Plaza in Rancho Cordova, and I'll use one of them. Then I'll have the other two to use for whatever recipe someone might come up with. Now though, I'll just play it by ear. I don't have any of the guts either, just the sausage. (Though there was another place near where I lived that had sundaeguk with no innards, just fatty pieces of muscle meat.)

Wish me luck! It won't likely be like any sundaeguk I've ever eaten - but it oughta be good, 'cause I'll put enough tasty ingredients in it....



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Here's the recipe for gukbap. Based on my experience, gukbap restaurants also serve sundaeguk as well. They basically use the same broth and ingredients for both.


Basic ingredients:

blood (1 cup)

cooked offal [spleen, tripe, intestines, etc] (300g)

dried seaweed (1 sheet,appx 10cm)

mushrooms (200g)

white radish (200g)

large green onion (1 stalk)

bean sprouts (1 cup)

gochucaroo powder (2 tbsp)

gochujang (2 tbsp)


Soy sauce (5 Tbs)

crushed red pepper (2 Tbs)

chopped green onion (4 Tbs)

chopped garlic (1 Tbs)

sesame seeds (1 Tbs)

sesame oil (1/2 Tbs)

salt and black pepper.

*Cooked rice (appx. 4 servings)


1. Cut the offal into small pieces/strips.

2. Clean the seaweed, and cut into small pieces.

3. Cut the white radish into pieces of 3cm in size.

4. Heat water in a large pot, and add the beef to the boiling water.

5. Then add the seaweed and the white radish and keep the water to a boil.

6. Remove the seaweed and the white radish. Let it cool, then slice into flat pieces. Drop the mushrooms in a separate pot of boiling water, then remove quickly. Wash the mushrooms, and be sure to squeeze all excess water out of them and then shred them.

7. Cut the large stalk of green onion into diagonal pieces.

8. Mix the white radish, seaweed, mushrooms, chopped garlic and diagonal green onion pieces, bean sprouts, salt and pepper, gochukaroo powder, gochujang paste, sesame seeds, and sesame oil together.

9. Finely chop some green onion and garlic.

10. Mix the soy sauce, chopped green and chopped garlic, crushed red pepper, sesame seeds, pepper, sesame oil to make the sauce.

11. Once the soup in #4 of this list has boiled for some time, add the ingredients from #8 on this list to the soup, and add salt for taste. Add the blood and break it in big chunks and let simmer for 10 minutes.

12. In seperate bowls, scoop some cooked rice into it and then add the spoup on top. Sprinkle freshly chopped leeks and gochukaroo (red pepper powder). Then it's ready to eat. Serve the soup with sauce that you prepared in #10 on the side.

To make sundaeguk, Just add freshly steam sliced sundae on top of the soup in the bowl. Eat and enjoy.

PS. You can also add chopped napa cabbage to the soup to add to the veggies. Oh and if you have no problems with MSG, you can add half a tablespoon too.

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Doddie aka Domestic Goddess

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Mmmmm... thanks! - I'll try it after I go to Sacramento next week and get the "blood and guts."

And mu, and more sundae....



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