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National Pie Day Today

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Hi all,

Didn't see any posts on this, so I thought I'd make one.

Today (Jan 23) is National Pie Day (http://www.piecouncil.org/national.htm). I love these silly "holidays".

Anyone else "celebrating"?

I'm currently trying to decide between making individual steak 'n' stout pies or shepherd's pies for dinner (or maybe some empanadas or other turnover-like meat pie).

And I think it will have to be hubby's favorite crumble-top apple pie for dessert.

On a snowy Chicago day, I can't think of anything better for dinner than flaky crust surrounding steaming hot morsels of meat! Maybe paired with a cup of broth-based soup and a bitter-green salad.

Please share your pie ideas (especially savory ones--always like to hear about those).

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Well, we do celebrate Pi Day, but not until March! We have pizza or quiche for lunch or dinner, and several fruit pies for dessert on March 14.

It would feel . . . wrong . . . or something . . . to celebrate it today. (No insult to the American Pie Council intended!) :raz:

(overlapped posting with Underfoot!)

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Please share your pie ideas (especially savory ones--always like to hear about those).

Well, 1/23 or 3/14 -- let's celebrate both! I made a savoury pie this summer, loosely based on Jamie Oliver's Fish Bake. You layer caramelized fennel and onions with salmon fillets, top with mashed spuds, bake. It was a crowd-pleaser.

I can't believe I'm out of apples and pears -- maybe I can find some frozen fruit. I'm sharing the same snowy Chicago day as Anna, and pie sounds some good.

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The only day of pi(e) I celebrate is Pi Day. Period.

Once, I was being nice to an acquaintance/friend in HS and entered his Pi Day competition (he was running it). I memorized 100 decimal places of Pi and got 2nd place.

I won an apple pie. :-D

(I'd celebrate with a pie of some sort today just because... er... well... pies are yummy.. but I probably won't have time to make one nor will find one to eat. Unless they make beer into pie...)

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This thread started me on an awful craving. Fierce it was.

Got home, ransacked the place, questioned the family and learned (no surprise) that I was the only one who wanted fruit pie.

Apple was first choice, but we didnt have enough nor the right kind.

Ended up with a 5" mini-pie, raspberry and apple filling. I ate it all. So very good.

I'm extra happy because this was the first from-scratch pie crust I've made in decades. (Back then, the crusts I made were soooooo bad that store-frozen ones were much better). I'll need to look up some proportions to improve the next one, but this one came together fast, and tasted much better than Pet-Ritz etal. A big step toward freedom! :happy dance:.

"You dont know everything in the world! You just know how to read!" -an ah-hah! moment for 6-yr old Miss O.

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One of the kid's in my son's algebra class brought in a cake for the class made to look like a pie!

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