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"Euro" brand rolled fondant


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I currently use Carrara Massa Ticino Tropic rolled fondant, and was talking to a supplier who mentioned he could get "Euro" fondant at a much lower price and was wondering if any one had worked with it etc and had any reviews.

I also want to say please lets not a debate about the relative merits of rolled fondant just this particular brand.

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I've heard of "Deco" brand (from Swiss Chalet/Felchlin) which had on the label "european rolled icing" but not Euro brand fondant. I tried it many many years ago, and found it to be very stiff - it was more work to roll it than other brands.

Sometimes it's not just price that makes it worthwhile to switch. Get some and see how it handles for you; if it works for you and you like it, it's worth it.

I agree with Annie - Pettinice and Albert Uster are my preferred brands, and I use Satinice only when there's a loaded pastry bag held to my head.....

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I am trying to have them get me some samples, because it has to be ordered a case at time. The only info I was given I passed on.

Jeanne I thought it was just me, I hate Satin Ice.

Since I discovered that a number of venues and caterers in this area strip fondant from the cakes before cutting I have been questioning why I pay so much money for decent fondant, hence the curiosty ........

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So far, I have just been making my own fondant, and I find that has been the best tasting. But I only need enough quanities for doing stuff for myself and friends and families. Mostly I use fondant on cookies and small cakes (I have a small food obsession!)


Here is the Recipe I like the best so far.

1/2 cup milk

3 packs gelatin (6 tsp - for reference in case you wanted to 1/2 the recipe)

1 cup corn syrup

3 Tbsp butter, unsalted

3 Tbsp glycerin

2 tsp vanilla (sometimes I use more)

dash salt

3-4 lb powdered sugar, sifted (at least once)

*note - all tablespoons and teaspoons are level, not heaped

- combine milk and gelatin & allow to firm

- cook over double boiler until gelatin is dissolved

- add remaining ingredients(except sugar) & cook until butter is almost melted

- cool to lukewarm (I come back to it and stir periodically so it doesn't form a "skin" on the top or get clumpy)

- strain into mixer containing 2 lb powdered sugar (one bag)

- mix slowly until just combined

- use dough hook, add several more cups of sugar, & mix on low until combined

- continue to add sugar until it holds its shape on hook

- turn onto powdered sugar surface & knead

- wrap in oil painted plastic wrap and put in ziplock freezer bag

- let stand for 24 hours before using

I always coat my hands, counter, and rolling pin with shortening when I'm ready to use. I also have powdered sugar on hand to dust with if it seems sticky, to firm it up a little bit.

I had to do it a couple of times to be able to tell when I had added enough powdered sugar. If it is too stiff, I just add a tiny bit of water, and use more shortening on my hands/counter/rolling pin and that helps to add more moisture and flexibility. Be careful when it's mixing not to let it get too hard, or it will be difficult to work with and you'll have to do a lot of "adjusting" to get it the consistency you want it! I would rather it be too soft and be able to add more powdered sugar as I knead. ENJOY!!

I got this from Cake Central. I have also tried a few other recipes, but so far I like this one the best. I like to use different extracts, orange is nice, it almost has a creamsicle flavor.


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