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New Forum Hosting Teams!

Chris Amirault

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We're excited to announce the implementation of a new approach to hosting eG Forums. A quick perusal of the main eG Forums page will reveal three hosting teams: the Culinary Culture team, the Kitchen team, and the Regional team, each supported by an eG Forums manager.

These hosting teams allow our international volunteer corps to cover all forums around the clock, helping each other out as needs arise. With this new approach, you should see faster and more consistent responses to any forum reports you make. Of course, you'll still see hosts contributing meaty content throughout the forums!

The reason we can move in this direction? Our crack volunteer staff, who work hard behind the scenes each and every day to make eG Forums the best destination on the internet for lively, intelligent discussion of food and drink, cooking and eating. We thank them for their fantastic support!

Chris Amirault

eG Ethics Signatory

Sir Luscious got gator belts and patty melts

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