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The Modern, Urbis, Manchester


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So... I'm back

Had a thoroughly enjoyable dinner at The Modern.

Had a drink in the bar before the meal, never been in before so I enjoyed the views of the city centre. Nice menu with a good selection of cocktails and spirits and a nice (yet small) variety of beers.

I started the meal with Smoked Duck with Ducks Liver and a dandelion salad, this was really tasty, the liver was a good size and cooked rare, this was coupled with a few ( and I mean FEW) slices of smoked duck. This was really tasty with a subtle smoked flavour. However my only gripe was that the ratio of smoked duck was measly compared to the liver and thus the liver ended up overpowering the remainder of the duck. The wife had a terrine of rabbit and something else,which came with pickles and "sourdough" she said it was tasty but the dish lacked something sweet "like a nice chutney". She suspected the Sourdough was actually "White toast" which is was accompanied another dish on the menu. Perhaps an oversight.

For our main I had Pork Belly, with slow braised Pork cheek and faggot. This was superb. Crispy, yet moist pork belly. Succulent,melt-in-the-mouth pork cheek and a well seasoned faggot. My only complaint ( and I am being really picky) is that the wilted spinach that came with the dish was just that, some wilted spinach, no seasoning whatsoever. But i'll give the chef the benefit of the doubt since everything else was highly seasoned. The mash was really good. The wife had Cod with oxtail and octopus, no complaints there. A very tasty dish.

The wife also ordered some creamed potatoes, as a side dish, which when served to us, was described as Mash. This came as a surprise when we gazed upon it because it was lumps of potato on a cream sauce. I might have complained if it didn't taste absolutely wonderful.

For dessert I had Eccles cake. I hope it was home made, it was great. She had Buttermilk posset. "the best dessert I've ever had" she exclaimed!

My only other gripe is that after we received our starters i noticed other people being offered bread when they sat down. We weren't!!

However I might sound picky, but it was a great meal. If they get the little details right, surely fame beckons.

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