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Culinaria series by Konemann

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Naki? No clue its on PREORDER on Amazon. I still wish theyd do a comprehensive Japan version.

There are rumors that in autumn 2010 Ullmann (the current German publisher of the Culinaria series) will publish a Culinaria Japan book.

Hopefully they will also publsih one day Culinaria Britannia & Eire (ISBN 3829040857) and Culinaria India (ISBN 3829041519) which were produced by Konemann (the original publisher of the Culinaria series) but never published.

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I just did some researching upon this great news and came across this:


Just wanted to say that I received the Culinaria: China in the mail today from Amazon.uk. Yes, it is the German edition, but I couldn’t wait.

Its beautiful: large format, like the original printing of Culinaria, with loads of pictures and recipes. It talks about opera houses and food, drinking games, bamboo, and pu-erh tea among many other topics. It goes province by province. My only regret is that it doesn’t have the Chinese characters for the names of the dishes. But aside from that, its really encyclopedic and I can’t wait to settle down with it.

I too read in the same link about Culinaria Japan being released around the same time as China.

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Today I stumbled across a copy of Culinaria Spain in a used book store, perfect condition, $10 USD. I'd never seen any of the series before and if it were not for this topic I probably would not have pulled it out of the pile. It's an amazing reference volume. The photography is gorgeous.

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I came across a used copy of Culinaria: European Specialties (Vol. 1 and 2) in a used bookshop in Charlottetown, PEI. I couldn't buy them due to luggage space issues, d'oh! I'm keeping an eye out for China at the local Costco, but this:

My only regret is that it doesn’t have the Chinese characters for the names of the dishes.

Is a pet-peeve of mine with Chinese cookbooks. I hope at least it's got the correct recipe name in pinyin; something other than names like "pork and bamboo shoots" for the recipes.

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Italy and Spain soft covers followed me home from Costco for $7.99 each. Just a couple left. Plenty of Greece, Southeast Asia and Germany still on the table. I've started going through the Spain edition - it is as raved over, thank you. Great prep for next year's trip and inspiring for this fall in the kitchen. (I dug around the table looking for China. Not yet. And least, not here.)

Here being Chicago.

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I got China today in the mail...

Hopefully someone with a better knowledge of authentic Chinese cooking will critique it, but it was good to me.

Not enough exotic stuff in it for me. I didnt see stinky tofu either.

Wawa Sizzli FTW!

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As I'm from Germany, I really love their Germany book, as I learn things that I never knew. I grew up in Bavaria, and it's interesting how different food is in other parts of this tiny country (which I think would fit 3 times into California, if I remember my boy's school project correctly. Also has about 3x the population of California though)

These are really gorgeous books, very well made, fantastic photos. Very much like the "beautiful cook book" series, that I also love.

It's just so much fun to get some local perspective and history about the dishes presented.

"And don't forget music - music in the kitchen is an essential ingredient!"

- Thomas Keller

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Bought the German, Greek and Hungarian 'Culinaria' tomes. It'd be nice to get a Culinaria South Africa. I have a few of the South African books avaliable in the West--a couple of them are cute, illustrated-with-water-colours numbers, but all of them suck to varying degrees. Or focus too heavily on, say, Cape Malay or 'Indian' cuisine at the expensive of Xhosa or Afrikaans or whatever else.

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Okay guys,

I have given up trying to get a response from the store owner and Amazon cant get one either and I really dont wanna spend the $345.00 for an EXPERIMENT.


So here have at it. See what you can get out of it



If you buy it and its legit, can i rent it for a week to photocopy it?



Wawa Sizzli FTW!

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