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Where can I get good fish and chips?

Greg Ling

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Ah, good question. I'm not a big fish person, but when the craving for fish and chips hits, it's crippling. But of the places I've found, midway through, I decide, "well, maybe I don't really like fish and chips" and it becomes a chore to finish. I just think I need to find a good version.

Last two times I tried Fado and (don't ask why) Fox and Hound. Not sure what authentic fish and chips is, so I'm not a fair critic, but I'd expect both the fish and chips to be nicely fried and crispy. I think especially at Fado the batter was very thick, almost bread-like. Maybe that's good? Not sure. I didn't care for it. Fox and Hound was "eh" as you might expect. Also could have sworn I had it at Sansom Street Oyster House, but not seeing it on their menu now (maybe a special?). But I remember it being huge chunks of fish, and the batter fell off as I ate. Starting to think I like the fried batter far more than the fish!

I had a version in Florida that was incredibly crispy, the batter thick but not bready, and the fish rather thin. But hell, that might be like saying I like Olive Garden marinara because I've never had anything else.

I'd love to know what I should be looking for, and any advice for a place with an authentic version. Black Sheep is next on my list to try, unless someone can steer me elsewhere.

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London Grill and Dark Horse are my two go-tos for Fish and Chips. Both versions are excellent.

Katie M. Loeb
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I feel like this place has been mentioned frequently lately but deserves another nod in this thread...McMenamin's in Mount Airy has tremendous fish and chips along with a good beer selection to accompany it.

Plus I can get the schmidter.

"..French Vanilla, Butter Pecan, Chocolate Deluxe, even Caramel sundaes is getting touched.." Ice Cream

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Outside of the Thistle Bar in Kearny, NJ perhaps the best version of fish and chips anywhere, I'd second Holly's rec of Stoney's , and add two places, The Whip in Coatesville, PA and, my favorite version in Philly, the fish and chips at the Grey Lodge. At the GL you happen to get truly excellent hand-cut fries, which is often not the case with other versions of the dish. And a killer beer menu.

Rich Pawlak


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