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Good bakeries in south florida?


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I wish I could help you out. Years ago my aunt used to buy me some nice 7 layer cake for me at a place called the 44th Street Bakery in Lauderhill. It's is/was off University Drive and 44th street.

Here is what I found on it:

Doris Italian Market and Bakery

7818 NW 44TH St

Lauderhill, FL 33351-6206


Personally I can't think of any outstanding bakeries in the area. I live in Boynton Beach which is north of Ft. Lauderdale in Palm Beach County but not that far.

Depending on where you are staying I am not sure that it would be worth going out of your way for.

My family used to be in the bakery business when I was a kid in Passaic, NJ. I also used to love the onion pockets from the Allwood bakery in Clifton, NJ.

Let's see if anyone else chimes here in and let me know how you make out when your in town!


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We just got back from a 10 day trip to Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood.

I did go to Doris's and it wasnt that great. Everything looked really good, but the small cannoli I got was dissapointing.

There used to be fabulous bakeries in Sunrise, but alas they're all gone. There is a cake shop in Ft. Lauderdale called " We Take The Cake" thats pretty good. I was in in the area last year for my birthday and I was given the coconut cake. I think Food TV featured them on a show once.

There is another good bakery on Las Olas, the name escapes me at the moment but I believe its either Italian or French.

Definately go to Jaxson's for an ice cream sundae. Its in Dania Beach on US1. Fabulous homeade ice cream. I'll go dig up a picture of the sundae we just had. There is a Grandpa's Bakery in the strip mall next to Jaxson's. Don't buy anything there, its a horrible bakery!!


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Jaxson's is the best. Been going there for years. Sometimes my friend and I will drive 45 minutes from where we live to get some ice cream fix. I usually get what others think is disgusting but Pistachio ice cream with peanut butter sauce on top.

I might go early on Sunday and have a cone as we are having dinner at the Ark on Stirling Road. The Ark has a great buffet with those huge crab legs and prime rib, etc.

I will be curious to see if they do uncover some great bakeries while in town.


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I would try to find the nearest location of Paul, because it is stupendous. I know it well from France, and can tell you that the American locations, all in Florida, are every bit as decadent.

And it seems there's one in Sunrise, if that helps you.

Paul Florida Locations

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Counterman: “Who’s going to sit and cut fruit all day, lady… YOU?”

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Ah, Paul. We went there every once in a whole when we lived in Paris... I'm dissapointed that there doesn't seem to be more! We're staying with Jill's godparents who will be taking us somewhere they told us about...

Stephen W.

Pastry Chef/Owner

The Sweet Life Bakery

Vineland, NJ

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My office is in Juno Beach so I wlll have to check out Paul at the Commons on PGA BLVD.

Anyone ever go to Paris in Town on the corner of PGA and US1?

11460 US Highway 1

North Palm Beach, FL 33408

(561) 626-6017

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