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Passion Fruit


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I stumbled across a recipe (paraphrased below) for a passion fruit liqueur while looking for another recipe and I'm wondering if it sounds like it would actually be good to those who know more about making liqueurs than I do (which is pretty much anybody). I like passion fruit but I know nothing at all about making my own liqueurs (although I have a bottle of vodka and cocoa nibs going that I threw together just as an experiment, it was an idea that came up in the "make your own vanilla extract" thread and I just happened to have a lot of nibs on hand so I decided to see what happens). Anyway, the recipe is...

500g passion fruit puree

400g sugar

750ml vodka

Mix all. Seal in jar or bottle. Turn weekly for a year.

Also, what happens to it during that year that makes it better than waiting a week or two? As I mentioned, I'm a newbie to this stuff.

It's kinda like wrestling a gorilla... you don't stop when you're tired, you stop when the gorilla is tired.

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From that sounds of that recipe it should be ready to drink immediately. I can't imagine what good a year would make, since the puree should mix in immediately. There's nothing to "infuse" really.

But then again, I'm kinda guessing.

IMHO this seems like a bit of a waste. I would make some passion fruit syrup - basically the same as above, though with only a few ounces of vodka as a preservative. Now it can be used in many more drinks, such as the tiki drinks that I love. Add a bunch of vodka and stir and you'll have "instant passion fruit liqueur."

There are a few recipes for passion fruit syrup - including one made from actual passion fruits - here:


Particularly at the top of Page 2, Melintur's post.

And Perfect Puree is an ultimate way to make it the easy way...

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