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Brix vs. Baume


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My new job requires that I make sorbets,

I want to start creating my own formulas, I have been reading the professional pastry chef by friberg and in the sorbet section all the recipes talk about Baume,

What is the difference between Brix and Baume are they interchangeable can I use a refractometer to check baume and vica versa or do I need to get a baume hydrometer as well?

Any information would be helpful


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I think there's a formula but I don't remember what it is...

However, there is often a conversion table in the back of confectioner books e.g. Chocolates and Confections by Grewling.

Also, online conversion is possible: Online Brix / Baume Conversion

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Hi all :)

I was searching for myself what 30 Baume syrup was and came across an older post here. I did a little research and in one of my professional cookbooks, tucked away in small print as a side note was a recipe for it, broken down into 3 designations. Hope this helps! It's certainly made it possible for me to now make the White Mirror Glaze I've been dying to try.


Like simple syrup, 30 baume syrup is an essential ingredient for the pastry chef. The difference between simple syrup and 30 baume syrup is in the ratio between sugar and water. 30 baume syrup calls for 137 percent sugar to 100 percent water.

Ingredients : Baker's % Kilogram US decimal

Water 100.00 0.844 1.861
Sugar 137.00 1.156 2.549

Total 237.00 2.000 4.410

Ingredients : Lb & Oz Test

Water 1 13 3/4 13 5/8 oz
Sugar 2 8 3/4 1 lb 2 3/8 oz

Total 4 6 1/2 2 lb


1. Combine the water and sugar and wash down the sides of the pot.

2. Bring to a boil, remove from the heat, cover, and reserve.

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