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Hidden Treasures of the Food Industry


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Click on the above link for an article that appeared in last Sunday's New York Times. Included is Best Provisions of Newark. They produce top quality beef products. Their corned beef, pastrami, and roast beef are sold at Wegmans under their (Wegmans) private label. Best's also produces exceptional beef frankfurters that are served at the finest hot dog establishments in New Jersey including Jimmy Buffs, Tommy's Italian Hot Dogs, Jerry's Famous Frankfurters, and the dearly departed Syd's, Don's, and Old Homestead.

John the hot dog guy

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I always thought Best hotdogs had a very "greasy" like taste. Never could stomach them. Thumann's or bust!

I do visit Balthazar bakery every week as I work one block away. Fantastic place!

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I might have gone on an off day, but Ole Ole was just OK. Not great, but just OK. They had a lot of products that you can get at Seabra's or any other Latin American groceries or even Corrado's. The prices were just a bit lower, but my girlfriend and I intended to go and get enough food for lunch. We ended up going for Korean instead.

They did have a good selection of extra virgin olive oil, and they had a serious variety of saffron, and smoked paprika, but everything else (olives, cheeses, canned/jarred Spanish products) was just a bit meh. I might go on Saturday and give it a look to see if anything's changed. I just wished they actually published dates they were open on their website since nobody ever seems to answer their phone or return my calls. D:

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This might help ...to at least know its the 2nd and 4th Saturdays...then we just have to remember that :rolleyes:


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