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French bistro dining in Sydney?

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We're going to be in Sydney for Christmas, so we thought we'd stay a few days and spend our anniversary dinner there on the 28th. We feel like traditional French (steak tartare, cassoulet, tarte tatin style-of-fing) - we're thinking of something along the lines of Melbourne's Aux Batifolles.

I've searched the web, and it seems most restaurants described as French do fairly modern, fusion-style cuisine rather than old-fashioned farmhouse food. After making a short-list of promising places, we settled a few weeks ago on Tabou. But looking it up today, to make a booking, there have been several bad reviews posted in the past month, and we'd rather not risk it.

The current short-list contains Bayswater Brasserie, Bistro Moncur, Bistrode and La Goulue. Does anyone have any experience with these places, or know of somewhere else that's worth a try?

Thanks in advance :)

There Will Be Bloody Marys
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