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Taklia and other garnishes

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A lot of Middle Eastern dishes are garnished with flavored clarified butter (samneh). One of the most well known ones is taklia, cilantro and garlic lightly fried in samneh and then poured over the finished dish. But I was thinking about how there are many other clarified butter garnishes: pine nuts in butter over fette, cinnamon and dried mint poured over pomegranate soup, fenugreek-flavored butter is popular in Egypt, etc.

Is there an Arabic word for these flavored butter garnishes?

I believe Paula Wolfert refers to it as "the sizzle," and I have another friend who says you can also use taklia to refer to all sorts of garnishes, not just the cilantro-garlic one. There is a Persian word for it that Najmieh Batmanglij uses, but I've forgotten it at the moment.

Also, is there a sort of catalogue of garnishes that go with different dishes? Obviously, that would be something most home cooks learn by experience, but it would be interesting to try and catalogue them.

Many thanks.

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This is very common in Turkey too; the most common are mint or mint and red pepper in butter or olive oil. I'm not aware of a name for it in particular. In recipes they usually just say something like "burn some mint in olive oil" (literally; of course they don't mean to actually burn it!)

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