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What's Your Favorite Holiday Brew?

Ono Loa

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I love this time of year because of the special beers for the winter season.

I'd love to know do you have a favorite?

I am trying to make a list of seasonals to buy before they disappear.

so .... whats your pleasure?

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a little late in the game for pumpkin beers, but just had southern tier pumking. good stuff.

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Well, Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, of course! The holiday spirit, though, doesn't go beyond the labeling and release date, so no spice or pumpkin or anything. It's one of the best American IPA's out there.

We lived in the Southern Tier for a few years. I remember Post Road Pumpkin Ale being our favorite of the NY-made pumpkin beers.

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I really like the Alaskan Winter Brew.

It's a malt heavy, lightly hopped English style ale flavored with Spruce tips.

Something about it really reminds me of the holidays. Maybe of when we have a christmas tree in the house, or of walking through an evergreen forest.

Really nice stuff. That and their Smoked Porter are two of my favorite beers from Alaskan Brewing. Both are great on a cold winter evening.


Erik Ellestad

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I am very impressed with this year's Blue Point Winter Ale, from Long Island. Rich, silken, with pronounced malt and a nice sharp hop bite. Very nice balance. Would probably taste great with Xmas cookies, creme brulee, mincemeat pie, even. Next to their barleywine (which doesnt seem to be available here in NJ), this is Blue Point's most impressive brew to date.

Rich Pawlak


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