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Great New Guidebook to Restaurants in Mexico City

Ruth in Condechi

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Sorry it took so long to answer back. What's good about this book, let me count the ways.

Great food stall and fonda information, Lonely Planet has limited and summary info. No one does this type of in depth research on these places.

Good restaurant guide, web sites when available, restaurant directions and phone numbers.

Good maps in the back. Glossary for those who need it.

And I might add that when Enrique Olvera saw my copy, he kept it.

Will be back with more. :rolleyes:

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I bought this book last year based on Ruth's initial post and loved it. It's easy to read without being patronizing and touches on all the major players, and then some. It's just a plain good read and very handy.

So I keep reading it and wondering....something is nagging me that this might be eG's own nickarte, who over the years has some of the most interesting posts here on DF and food in general. So I PM'd him and asked and indeed it was! So congrats to Nick! I made sure to meet him just this last Monday when I was in Mexico City and he's as nice and knowledgeable guy as he seems in the book. He took me to a great taqueria with some unbelievable sauces and excellent al pastor and dreamy charro beans.

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