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Meal Outlaw


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A while ago I mused on my blog about the need for a web site that would be something like a cross between a calendar and a blog where you declare what you've had for dinner and see what people in your area or around the world are eating.

I'm pleased to report that JR Tipton took the idea and ran with it, and the result is:

Meal Outlaw

Among the things you can do:

* Post your dinners (upcoming or already eaten) in a simple calendar interface.

* Follow other user's dinners.

* See dinners on a Google Maps interface.

* Get an RSS feed for your meals, other people's meals, all meals you're following. Or get an iCal feed so you can view your meals on another web calendar such as Google Calendar.

* Create a widget to show your meals on your blog or Myspace.

* Add photos and tags. (So you can see, for example, all recent meals tagged "potato".)

* Give your meals star ratings so you can remember your favorites--or see other user's favorites (and disasters).

* Post comments and questions. ("What do you put in your meatballs?")

I've been using it for a couple weeks and it's tons of fun. The best part is seeing what's cooking in my neighborhood. The developer is adding new features every day and is very responsive to bug reports. I should add that this is in no way designed to compete with the famous eGullet dinner thread, although that was certainly one of the sources of inspiration. And I have no financial or other interest in Meal Outlaw other than as a fan.

Give it a try! The more people on Meal Outlaw, the better it will get.

Matthew Amster-Burton, aka "mamster"

Author, Hungry Monkey, coming in May

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