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recent visit to paris


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For a recent visit to Paris, we selected restaurants with the help of this forum. I was very impressed with the quantity and quality of the information available here. This is a great resource!

We were going to Morocco via Paris, so on the way there we ate lunch at Fables de la Fontaine. We loved the place: friendly, casual, inventive -- top marks.

On the way back from Morocco, we decided to try another Constance restaurant, since we were staying nearby (Hotel Valadon which was also an excellent suggestion from this forum). Violon d'Ingres was good, professional, but somehow didn't leave the same impression as Fables.

For Sunday night we had a reservation at Pasco, which is also near the hotel, but a relative who lives in Paris insisted on taking us to his local hangout -- Au Pied de Cochon. I don't understand why it is so popular, particularly since it is not particularly cheap, and the food is not better than what I cook at home.

We also bought cheese at Marie-Anne Cantin, and while the product is excellent, the costumer service is cold but efficient.

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