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Robert Peyton

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I know Robert Peyton has been to Patois. Maybe we can get him to post a review either here or on his blog.


I had a very good meal there. Started with the sardines, which are served whole, with a vinegar-heavy sauce, onions, and capers. I really liked them, but I've spoken to people who didn't (and who like Sardines). Your mileage will vary I suppose. The sardines were so good I picked some up myself when I saw them at Whole Foods, and made an escabeche, but that's another story.

The guy with whom I ate got the gnocchi, and he really loved the pesto. I did too, but I was more impressed with the texture of the gnocchi - perfect.

We also got some caponata to split, and that was pretty good. Not the best I've had, but better than most.

I cannot for the life of me rememer what I had as an entree (which is one reason I haven't written about the meal on my website), but I do remember enjoying it. My friend had the paneed rabbit, and that was good too.

I was hoping to make it to Patois for lunch this Friday, but they were a little optimistic about their plans for lunch; they're looking to start after Thanksgiving.

The restaurant was packed when I was there, and it was a bit loud, but not too bad on either account.

Wish I could provide more details. Hopefully the next time I go I'll either take notes or maintain sufficient sobriety to remember what I ate.

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