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Teen Age Beer Breath Cover Up

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Hehe standard trick was to hit up the local diner for a big greek salad and load it up with as many anchovies as they would give me. It helped that it was quite tasty while drunk as well ;).

Later in life liver and onions was added to that regiment as well.

He don't mix meat and dairy,

He don't eat humble pie,

So sing a miserere

And hang the bastard high!

- Richard Wilbur and John LaTouche from Candide

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You guys are too funny. Did your parents really not catch on when you came home eyes all strabic and smelling like you swallowed a perfumery?

My strategy was to come home chewing grape gum, poke my head into the family room to greet the 'rents, then head straight upstairs. Only got caught once, and it's because I was stumbling drunk.

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      Picked this up this morning, not because I wanted it, just to add to my collection of silliness.

      Love the brewery's honesty in their choice of name.
      My only question is "Why? I mean "Why?'" (to be uttered in a tone of despair).
      It tastes like some one had a glass of grapefruit juice with breakfast and then forgot to wash the glass before pouring a beer hours later.
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      500 years ago, Martin Luther started off the Reformation. In a way, this not only changed religious affairs in Europe, but also changed our beer.
      Article here.
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