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Using Miroir for first time

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A supplier recommended Miroir neutral to me for glazing varioous products.

"No need to heat or dilute, just brush it on fruit tarts, cake tops etc".

I tried brushing on this ready to use product and I don't like the results. Out of the bucket it's to thick and doesn't seem to set up nearly as well as say a pectin based apricot glaze product, it stays kinda sloppy.

Do you use this product? If so, how do you use it and what products do you use it for?


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I use both hot and cold process glazes-for diff applications. The neutral "cold" process actually works very well if you thin it out with just a tap of hot water , and whisk to smooth. Ideally suited for those "constructed" tarts where each fruit is composed atop of a base. Out of the bucket for glazing a mousse cake, it also works well, but it's very plastic in texture, so a couple of swipes with an off set usually does the trick. You can use a hot process glaze mixed and heated with water, and add a percentage of the cold process to "tighten it up" play with it, and see what the results demonstrate.

Michael :smile:

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