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Manifesto of Futurist Cooking (1930)

Kent Wang

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A summary of the Manifesto from Wikipedia:

* No more pasta, as it causes lassitude, pessimism and lack of passion

* Perfect meals requiring:

    o originality and harmony in table setting including all implements, food aesthetics and tastes)

    o absolute originality in the food

* Sculpted foods, including meats whose main appeal is to the eye and imagination

* Abolition of the knife and fork

* Use of perfumes to enhance the tasting experience

How totally bizarre and radical, much like the rest of the futurist movement.

Does this sound like molecular gastronomy to you?

Suggested equipment included:

* Ozonizers -- to give food the smell of ozone

* Ultraviolet ray lamps -- activates vitamins and other "active properties"

* Electrolyzers -- to decompose items into new forms and properties

* Colloidal mills -- to pulverize any food item

* Autoclaves, dialyzers, atmosheric and vacuum stills to cook food without destroying vitamins

* Chemical indicators or analyzers to help the cook determine if sauces need more salt, sugar, or vinegar

I wonder how this affected the slow food movement, which was also founded in Italy.

I'm trying to locate an English translation of the Manifesto online, but the one linked from Wikipedia is broken.

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The Futurist Cookbook (see entry here on Amazon) appears to be out of print. It's a curious book. I can't find my copy at the moment. You might be able to find it used, although given how expensive the used copies are on Amazon the book might be rare.

Apparently you're not the only one to see a connection between the Futurist and Molecular Gastronomy. On that Amazon page, customers who bought the Futurist Cookbook also bought bought Molecular Gastronomy by Hervé This (along with Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma--that one makes less sense).

Todd A. Price aka "TAPrice"

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* Sculpted foods, including meats whose main appeal is to the eye and imagination

I think that accurately describes some processed chicken tenders/patties you can buy. :blink:

edited to add: And Goldfish crackers are sculpted, too. :laugh:

Edited by Toliver (log)


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