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Raw Milk Soft Cheeses in the Windsor Area


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Just like the title says: are raw milk soft cheeses available in the Windsor area, or anywhere southeast of Toronto? I haven't even been able to find a store with a really good cheese selection of any kind in this city.

I live in Detroit, but travel to Windsor often.

Edited to add: what a dope. I hit the send key after making a typo in the title and now can't figure out how to fix it. Sorry.

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When you find a source, please post! I just moved back to the Detroit area after many years and didn't realize you could get raw milk soft cheeses north of the border. I'm willing to drive up to Toronto if necessary. :biggrin:


Adding-- Far Flung Foods sounds like the place- Have you checked them out yet??

Just like the title says: are raw milk soft cheeses available in the Windsor area,...

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I just called Far Flung Foods, and they have the Quebec raw milk cheeses on backorder--she said they should be available in a few weeks. I'd suggest calling first if the only reason you're going to Windsor is for the cheese--due to cross-border shopping, getting back into the States has taken 1 to 1-1/2 hours lately.

I'm going to check them out this weekend anyway, and I will report back. I meant to do this weeks ago, but family matters have gotten in the way. My father-in-law has been buying some really good fresh ricotta in the market--I'll have to ask him which vendor he's frequenting. It might even be this one!

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I finally made it to Far Flung Foods, last Wednesday. They only had three raw milk soft cheeses available, two from Quebec (cow and goat) and one from France. Sadly, I did not get the names because I expected them to be written on the packages, but they were not.

This is the goat cheese from Quebec. It is semi-soft, with a few tiny holes and a thin, waxed rind. It has a very clean, fresh scent and mild, but tasty flavor.


This is the cow cheese from France. It is a little softer than the goat cheese, and a very complex scent! The rind is thin and edible and has a finish that reminds me a bit of very fine cornmeal? The interior has a smooth, moderately strong, complex nutty flavor.


This is the Quebec cow's milk cheese, perfectly ripe. The wrapper has the fragment "-agine" on it. The cheese has a thin washed rind, and smells like garbage! The flavor of the paste has a strong truffle component. It's a lot more complex than any similar cheeses I've had before in the US.


If anyone has any idea of what any of their names are, please let me know. I will also call FFF tomorrow and see if they can help.

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