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Wood Cutting Boards: The Topic


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19 hours ago, AlaMoi said:

fyi, Dave Smith, founder of The Boardsmith, passed away in April 2020.

Prior to his death he turned over the business to long time associate John Loftis.  the manufacturing/etc is currently located in Plano, Texas.


I got a 16x22 Walnut with Maple field in 2017.

it is used every single day, multiple times per day - it resides on a granite island top so it is the defacto counter top for cutting/prep of 'everything'

just ordered a 16x22 Walnut with Cherry field (house warming gift) for our youngest.

Boardsmith produces absolutely top quality products. 


Sad to hear about this also. When I wrote to them about new feet for my Boardsmith board I thought it was his son who replied, but I might be mistaken.


I just wrote again to see if they'd do a top for a 32x50 island. I'm sure just the shipping from texas would blow my budget, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

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