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Kamloops and next week Vancouver


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Hi, Mrs. W and I are visiting vancouver next, uhhr, week (note to self: packing has to start soon)...we'll be in town for four nights and then off up-country stopping off in Kamloops.

So, there's a huge mass of stuff to read on here obviously, but anyone have any suggestions in Kamloops?

And is anything of foody-worth going on in Vancouver 30th through 5th? We're planning to hit West, The Fish House and do some bar hopping (any recommendations?)---we're staying at the Wedgwood I believe...

Mrs. W particularly likes her raw-as-possible steak, so any help there would be appreciated.

Thanks, pip pip.

It no longer exists, but it was lovely.

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I will leave the Vancouver suggestions to the locals more familiar with what is on offer there.

We pass through Kamloops en route to Vanouver Island but usually it is just overnite so we have not had much time to scout out decent spots to dine.

I have "heard" good things about the Brown Door which I think is downtown but I not seen a write-up here.

Partly out of default we have ended up in Ric's Grill but despite that less than flattering intro, we have enjoyed the food. It is a "chop house" for all intents and purposes but my tuna was delicious as was the lamb and steak we had on other occasions.

The wine list was quite good. Significantly better than the ones I have seen in the same establishment [it is a chain which I think originated in Prince George, BC] here in the one of three or four that are in the Edmonton region. A number of well priced good choices from the Okanagan. Having 97-C close at hand must help.

I think there are two in Kamloops, the one we tried was up on the ridge as you enter down from the west/Coquihalla where there are numerous hotels/motels. I think it was off the lobby of the Sheraton 4-Points.

I believe there is another downtown or elsewhere which seems to have gone the route of the Joey's, i.e. Mediterranean Grill v. World Grill, etc. and has a reference to the Med in its title.

Let us know what you find. We'll be driving right through en route on Thanksgiving week-end but will likely stop for the night on the way back.

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