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raw oysters in NH/VT


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Jumpin' Jay's Fish Cafe in Portsmouth, NH, has a nice raw bar. While the rest of the menu is OK, I'd have the raw bar there, and then go across the street to Pesce Blue for dinner. Pesce is seafood oriented, but the food has both diversified and improved under new ownership in the past year or so.

Victory 96 isn't an oyster bar per se, but they seasonally have great oysters on their appetizer menu, usually topped with a touch of caviar. Their menu is a lovely, updated take on New England comfort food.

There are others, and lots of Portsmouth, Rye, and Hampton Beach, NH and Kittery, ME restaurants have raw (and cooked!) oysters on the menu, but these are two with which I have personal experience. They also have enough turnover to insure good quality.

These may be too far East for the actual question of VT/NH, but the glorious 17 mile NH seacoast shouldn't be missed!

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