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David Hawksworth leaving West


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Today's Sun has Malcolm Parry reporting that David Hawksworth will leave West to start his own restaurant in the redeveloped Hotel Georgia. It is a little confusing because the paragraph related to Hawksworth is in the Shore Club section, but that appears to be a printing error (all too many in the local media).

Here's the quote:

However much they pay, though, residents and hotel guest will be a mere elevator ride to a restaurant run by long-feted chef David Hawksworth, who'll leave South Granville's West for his own first gig as owner.

And the link:Parry's column, September 15th



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What's he going to do between leaving West in December and opening at the Georgia in Oct 2009 -  that's what I want to know!

I am crossing my fingers that he would want to work a few nights at the HSG to keep his skills sharp, and it is a mere stumble from his front door.

He has not called yet, but the phone lines are open. :biggrin:

Neil Wyles

Hamilton Street Grill


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