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Happy Hour near Moore College Friday 9/14


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I am getting a couple of friends together to come along with me to the Secret Cinema Anniversary showing at Moore College of Art/Design this Friday the 14th.

Last time we went to a SC event we had a beast of a time looking for a place to dine that was in walking distance and in our price range, so this time we've decided to approach it as a "happy hour" instead of a meal. Because of this "apps and drinks" approach I'm thinking we may try someplace a notch nicer, that we might not go to if we were getting entrees etc.

While I'd LOVE for us to meet up at Chicks or Southwark (future plans for sure!) the last time I had to finagle parking spaces in the city twice in one night cost me in tickets and garages, so I want to park the car once and have our destination within a walking distance to 20th/Race.

Choices so far look like the Fountain or the Swann at the Fountain at 4 Seasons, and Twenty-21, which seems to have some sort of happy hour offerings.

Am I missing something? Opinions on either of the above?

Thanks gang!

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Also Mission Grill at 19th and Arch, same owners as Public House.

Cascamorto Piano Bar @ 20th and Arch.

Neither is especially expensive, although a glass of sangria at Mission Grill, a little more expensive then I'm used to, but fairly large and probably a fair price.

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