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Strangers in the night gourmet gala


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I went to the Strangers in the night gourmet gala last night which had 35 restaurants providing food for the masses. The purpose is to provide funds for the Montreal Children's Starlight foundation. I must say there were a couple of real surprises that I wanted to share with you. One of the restaurants that we first tried was the Portovino booth which had a bloody Caesar shot with greens and a shrimp, oysters on a half shell and another salmon pate or salmon mouse with caviar on top. All were excellent. They also had home deserts that were to die for and were preparing fresh mushroom pasta. All yummy.

The next booth was Navia. Again major surprise. I'm not really into fish but they had a salt crusted Chilean sea bass served with what I believe was a cilantro oil. It was simply amazing. They also had a chicken dish that was forgettable but the pumpkin ravioli with pine nuts more then made up for the chicken. Wow was that ravioli delicacies.

Another surprise booth was Babaloo's. I only tried the soup which was a bacon and jalapeno soup. Amazing flavor and just the right amount of heat.

Karma's vegetable pakorma was really good as well although their chicken dishes lacked heat.

Tried many other small tidbits but nothing as memorable as those note above.

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