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Pho in Austin


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I had lunch today at Pho Van. It's in the Hong Kong shopping center. Just the smell makes me happy. The soup is great. The waitress is a trip. She watches the sidewalk and stares at you through the door. As soon as your foot crosses the plane into her space, she says "Table 1? (or 2, or 10) You sit here." I found myself perusing the menu once, she pointed to a number and said "This very good, you eat this." She was right. Today I was reprimanded because I said I didn't want large, I would have the regular. " Two size, small large" was her reply.

Most importantly, the pho. Broth is flavorful, not salty. I usually have some beef combination. Served with Thai basil, jalapenos, cilantro, bean sprouts, and lime.

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