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When you're so desperate for something sweet . . .

Fat Guy

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I'd forgotten brown sugar.:wub:

If there's time, I'll mix it with butter as I spoon it up.

If there's more time, I'll melt butter on a flour tortilla, then top with brown sugar.

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I think I've do just about everything listed in this thread without shame, and on a regular basis too. :laugh: Except for the Nestle chocolate chips...once, after a night of serious drinking, was enough! Even the alcohol couldn't mask that horrible 'off' flavour. Still sometimes use them for chocolate chip cookies though.

My worst is probably Carnation cocoa powder with a spoon. No milk, no hot water. Just the powder. I've always liked the texture, the way it dissolves on your tongue. I can't believe I'm admitting this. It's a childhood thing I never grew out of. Only happens once a month now when I visit my parents, since I don't buy this stuff.

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sugar cubes - preferably those rough brown ones - A La Perruche Brown Sugar Cubes.

cinnamon toast

mexican chocolate (thoughI currently have Guatemalan open - much easier to break - they are flat disks)

frozen fruit chunks

handful of granola

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Semi-sweet chocolate chips was my afternoon "treat" at my grandparents' house. I was allowed 10, and would line them up, and then make a circle with them, and try to stretch them as long as possible.

You too, huh!?! My grandma used to keep chocolate chips in a large Mason jar near the fridge. I prefer to keep mine in the freezer, but still dig into them from time to time. I don't count them out exactly any more, though.


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A shot of maple syrup straight from the bottle gets the monkey off my back.

shot my mouth full of hersheys syrup bout two hours ago.........

yummy, but not something you want to do every day.....

A shot of redi whip right in the mouth.

You guys sound like triplets separated at birth.


There's one sure-fire way to always have something sweet to eat in the house. Here's how you do it: Go to the healthy food section of the grocery store. There you will find many things like "EnviroKidz Gluten-Free Low Fat! Low Sodium! Nothing Artificial! USDA Organic Nature's Path Crispy Rice Bars" in flavors like Berry. They have pictures of hand-drawn cute little baby lions popping their heads out of tall grass smiling at the photograph of said Rice Bar on the front of the box. You will be charmed, and will think many good thoughts of how very healthy you will be eating these things. Buy some, and then look around for more healthy delights. Sometimes the apricot leather is a good idea, particularly if it looks about three years old.

Load up with all these sweets and take them home. Put them in the cupboard for when you want something sweet.

I can assure you that most likely they will always be there when you want something sweet, for after tasting the first one of each sort, you will never want to eat them again. As a matter of fact, after seeing them in the cupboard, it's likely that any taste for sweet things will completely go away and you will need to have a huge greasy cheeseburger with onions ASAP, preferably from a fast-food place. With a beer, and a deep sigh of contentment knowing how wonderful it is to not have that terrible urge for sweets at all, anymore.

I've had this one box of Crispy Rice Bars for two years now at least and daresay this apricot leather is four years old. :smile:

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this is like the what is your "crack" of food thread!!!

a huge spoon of Adam's chunky peanut butter dipped into vanilla sugar and then the whole thing in my mouth

lasts a long time!!!!

why am I always at the bottom and why is everything so high? 

why must there be so little me and so much sky?


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A spoonful of Ovaltine powder stright from the jar (but it's gotta be the good stuff from the orange-labeled and -lidded glass jar) I like how the malt melts on the tongue and the sweetness slowly creeps throughout the mouth.

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My name is Bekki, and I have a problem...

* crystalized ginger

* shredded coconut (the nasty sugared kind, usually wadded up with some chocolate chips)

* spoonfuls of caramel sauce

* stolen mini-candy bars from my son's halloween or easter stash (depending on the time of year, of course)

* stale graham crackers (I never seem to use the whole package when making a cheesecake, but am too cheap to throw away the unused portion, so they linger in my pantry)

* snowcones made with kool-aid syrup

* candies filched from my gingerbread house supplies

* semisweet or bittersweet chocolate (scharfenberger) from my baking supplies

* spoonfuls of frozen raspberry sauce (from RLB's Cake Bible)

Feast then thy heart, for what the heart has had, the hand of no heir shall ever hold.
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During my teenage years, my mom used to buy Hershey's chocolate chips and I would pig out on them until I got sick. :blush:

Nowadays? Well, I bake every week, so there's usually sweet stuff around. Otherwise I typically have a partially used kilo of Valrhona chocolate that's pretty yummy even though I chop them into rough half an ounce chunks. Plus my mom buys ice cream every week because my little brother loves the stuff. And then there's fruit!

Umh, should I be worried that fruit comes at the bottom of my list? :shock:

Well, not at the bottom of my list. I usually have a bar of good chocolate hanging around. I think I definitely should be worried about the fact that good chocolate came at the bottom.

All the same, there's nothing like a good spoonful of Nutella, kaya or lemon curd right from jar to mouth.


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My father taught us about keeping store-bought cake icing in the freezer. Our favorites were chocolate and german chocolate (with coconut and pecans). You take a large tablespoon from the drawer and dig out a spoonfull of the frozen icing. In essence, you make an icing pop. You could feel the sugar crystals crunch between your teeth.

I also like to freeze gummy candies for when I want something sweet. Frozen gummy bears are my favorite.

Preach not to others what they should eat, but eat as becomes you and be silent. Epicetus

Amanda Newton

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Mix a bit of tehina with some honey. Instant halva. (Eat with spoon.)  :wub:

Yup, this I've done and it's good.

This idea *does* sound good...

As some others have mentioned, brown sugar. I'll have a plain spoonful or mix it with butter.

Crystallized ginger is another favorite that I try to keep around.

"Under the dusty almond trees, ... stalls were set up which sold banana liquor, rolls, blood puddings, chopped fried meat, meat pies, sausage, yucca breads, crullers, buns, corn breads, puff pastes, longanizas, tripes, coconut nougats, rum toddies, along with all sorts of trifles, gewgaws, trinkets, and knickknacks, and cockfights and lottery tickets."

-- Gabriel Garcia Marquez, 1962 "Big Mama's Funeral"

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Some favorites (and others I've tried) to satisfy a sweets craving:

Penzey's mint hot chocolate mix

Pistachio cream from Sicily (I can't even buy this stuff anymore because I end up eating it from the fridge one spoonful at a time)

Creme fraiche mixed with sugar

Maple cream

Creme de calissons

Raw oats mixed with honey, mace and hazelnut oil

And when I was younger... canned chocolate frosting (good with graham crackers)

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A sponful of cajeta or peanut butter will normally do the trick.

If I need to sink my teeth into something, I have been know to make makeshift 'croissants' with baking chocolate, french bread from dinner, a little sugar and butter.

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