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Pollo Tropical


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I just spotted this while driving this lunchtime from my office to the Menlo Park mall - Route 1 South, just north of the turn-off to the mall (i.e. near the new Famous Daves, Pizzeria Uno etc), they're in the process of turning the old Wendy's location into a <a href="http://www.pollotropical.com/">Pollo Tropical</a>.

Given the <a href="http://www.baristanet.com/2007/03/pollo_tropical.php">usual crazed atmosphere</a> that accompanies the opening of a Pollo Tropical location, this should be interesting...

Jason P. has a <a href="http://offthebroiler.wordpress.com/2007/06/19/njnyc-dining-pollo-tropical/">nice post on his blog</a> about the location up in Clifton.

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