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Fox Bros. BBQ open in Atlanta


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Fox Brother's BBQ has (finally!) opened their new place on Dekalb Ave. at Moreland in the old Asada building. The grand opening is Friday night from what I overheard but the parking lot was full tonight.

I picked up a combo plate with sliced brisket and pulled pork, mac & cheese and Brunswick stew, and an order of fried pickles. The meat, both pork and beef, was outstanding with a nice char on the pork and smoke ring on the brisket. Both were amazingly tender and succulent. I plan to try their chicken and ribs very soon.

The fried pickles were out of this world too, possibly the best I've had that didn't involve attending a state fair. They were dill chips in a thick, heavily seasoned batter and even after steaming in styrofoam on the drive home had a nice crunch. I'm a fried pickle junkie and these were absolutely crave worthy.

The sides were good but not great. The mac & cheese was perfectly fine in a Southern Soul food cafeteria kind of way...think Mary Mac's but with shells. Not particularly cheesy but perfectly servicable after adding a bit of black pepper. The Brunswick stew was basically really good vegetable soup (corn, lima beans, potato chunks) with hunks of pulled pork mixed in. It was fine but that's not my preferred style of Brunswick stew, I like the variety that is almost completely meat with any veggies minced and cooked down so as to be unrecognizable (see Sprayberry's BBQ in Newnan).

I think this may be the best BBQ joint inside the perimeter. The brisket is better than Rolling Bones', the pork is better than Daddy D'z, and it's a safe bet that the ribs are better than Fat Matt's (which isn't saying much these days).

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We went on Sunday night and also really liked it. The ribs were outstanding: tender, lots of flavor, great char (key for me, as I don't otherwise eat ribs---my son offered me one of his, and after finishing it I considered stealing a second one). I'm not a huge brisket fan either, but I'll take my husband's word (as he is from San Antonio) that it was very good. The pulled pork was very good, and specifically did not suffer from the way too common problem of having been pulled beyond all recognition.

Our sides included french fries (crinkle cut, totally forgettable), cole slaw (buttermilk dressing, so very good, but a bit too coarsely sliced to eat easily), potato salad (lots of mayonnaise and mustard, and stirred so long that the potato had started to melt into the dressing, so actually perfect), and brunswick stew. I really like brunswick stew, and this version was fine, but the vegetables had pretty much been cooked down to a puree so not my favorite.

We considered trying the banana pudding, but about that time our server got a bit distracted and we got tired of waiting so finally just asked for our bill.

So, yeah, best bbq ITP.

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