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Palm Desert / Palm Springs Restaurants

Sweet Willie

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I am most familiar with Palm Springs. Others may be able to recommend the Palm Desert restaurants. When we are in Palm Springs we like to eat at good simple restaurants. We aren't looking for "flash!" So some that we enjoy are:

El Mirasole (140 E. Palm Canyon, Palm Springs)...light Mexican...very good carnitas.

El Gallito (68820 Grove St. Cathedral City) a little "hole in the wall" that is a favorite of locals. No reservations, cash only, and the most authentic family style Mexican food. Carnitas on Thursdays only!

Pomme Frite (256 S. Palm Canyon, Palm Springs) small Belgian restaurant with excellent mussels...and pomme frite!

Fisherman's Market (235 S. Indian Canyon, Palm Springs), very casual...has very fresh fish brought in from San Pedro...usually a line out the door.

La Bella Cucina...If you travel to Palm Desert. (72-355 Hwy 111) located in a mall area, this family owned and operated serves very authentic Italian food.

Europa (in the Villa Royale Inn, 1620 Indian Trail) this is a pricey, high end restaurant if you want a place for that special occassion. The food has always been exceptional, the atmosphere is very continental, cozy and romantic.

Enjoy the desert!

Cooking is like love, it should be entered into with abandon, or not at all.

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Yup, the Mrs. and I are also headed out that way in April.  We see lots of chains listed in the area, but nothing interesting-looking.  PLEASE, any suggestions?  From the teeny-tiniest hot dog stand to a fancy 4-star, is there anything worth EATING in Palm Springs?

Are we talking Palm Springs specifically, or the desert as a whole?

As always, I reccomed Zin in Palm Springs for excellent food in a casual setting. The wine list is full of hidden gems and the service is warm and friendly.

I have heard good things about Spencer's, but have yet to make the trip myself.

As mentioned above, El Mexicali in Indio is special, and about as down home as it gets. If the shrimp stuffed peppers don't look "interesting" to you, I'm not sure what will. They're simply phenomenal, as are the chavelas. My favorite for slightly more refined Mexican food is RosAmarillo, on the corner of 50th and Jefferson in Indio. They have the best chiles colorado and verde I've ever had.

For casual in Palm Springs, check out Tyler's burgers and prepare to wait in line. They're worth it.

I still reccomend Blend in La Quinta for perhaps the best food in the desert. It's great food in a funky atmosphere without all the wannabes and hipsters you'll often find in PD and PS.

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Had good meals at both Zin and Pomme Frite.

Zin: Everyone seem to enjoy their meals. My hangar steak was cooked perfectly and delicious. Steak tartare was good also. Very good service, extensive wine list with a nice recommendation from the server. Had a nice lunch also. Very nice atmosphere.

I would definitely second all of the positive comments above.

Pomme Frite: Food was good, if not as good as Zin, but less expensive IIRC. I would definitely go back here also.

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I live in Palm Springs, and though I dont get to many of the higher end restaurants I can definately make suggestions about some great places to eat, or steer you away from a few places. Lots of chains here, but if you look you can find a lot of nice little Mom and Pop places that are trying hard. Here are a few off the top of my head that I like personally (coachella valley wide)

Johnny Pasta's 68375 E Palm Canyon, Cathedral City

Small Italian restaurant in a strip mall, nothing fancy but always happy with service and quality. Definately above average, reasonable prices, interesting menu. Johnny Pastas

La Bella Cucina 72355 Hwy 111, Palm Desert

Another small Italian restaurant in a strip mall, this one probably my favorite. Always fresh ingredients, always a winner. Again, not fancy. Reasonably priced, casual.

Mexico Tipico (dont have the address now, but can get it) Indio Blvd, Indio

Excellent authentic Mexican food. Great caldo de res. Everything is not smothered in a layer of yellow cheese.

Atlantic Fish & Chips 73850 Hwy 111, Palm Desert

Yet another strip mall location. I cant help it, this place if fantastic. Definately not fancy. Little red plastic basket casual. But the fish and chips, fried shrimp, fried zucchini are out of this world. Oddly, they have an almost complete chinese menu also but I have never tried any of it. Mom and Pop operation, sweetest couple. The husband keeps his batter in a container that he keeps on ice. Tempura style batter, light and shatteringly crispy. Yum, I need to go there tomorrow.

There is a sushi restaurant (the name escapes me right now, I want to say Kiyosaku, but not positive) next to Steinmart in Palm Springs. 1555 S Palm Canyon

Serious, to me at least, sushi. Slightly intimidating to me as a sushi neophyte and this is not my specialty. But I was impressed and my Brother who is from LA and takes his sushi seriously really liked it.

Wasabi 333 S Indian Canyon, Palm Springs Bento boxes, sushi. Excellent service and quality. Casual and reasonable prices.

Couple other places off the top of my head.

Shermans Deli for sandwiches and breakfast (Palm Springs)

TKB Deli (Bermuda Dunes)

Oceans (Cathedral City)

Zin (Palm Springs) Zin

Tylers (Palm Springs)

These last three I havent been to personally, but have heard good things about.

Shame On The Moon (Rancho Mirage) Shame On The Moon

Cafe des Beaux-Arts (Palm Desert) Cafe des Beaux-Arts

Chez Pierre (Palm Desert) Chez Pierre

As you can see, I specialize in casual and reasonably priced, and have a penchant for strip malls. But if anyone is coming this way soon let me know, I will try to help you out if I can.

Edited to add Atlantic Fish & Chips

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