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Birthday Cake in Passaic/Essex


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Other than Gina's Panificio, which I am not too fond of, is there a place where I can get a good old fashioned birthday cake? I'm looking for a good carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, actually. Any recs close to Clifton/Wayne area?


"After all, these are supposed to be gutsy spuds, not white tablecloth social climbers."

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If you're a Costco member, you may want to check to see if they carry the Carrot Cake (I have had it before, but not sure if this is a regular or special order item.)

We also like the cakes from Calandra's - they have locations in Newark (just off Bloomfield) and Fairfield (Route 46) - <a href="http://www.calandrasbakery.com/Aboutus.html">http://www.calandrasbakery.com/Aboutus.html</a>

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I would definitely try the new place in Montclair..."The Flour Patch Bakery". It's a transplant from New York, makes real buttercream (swiss meringue buttercream!), and offers very whimsical designs as well.

i had cupcakes from there last week, and they are easily the best in the area....and miles ahead of places in the city like magnolia.


they're located down on glenridge avenue, near lackawanna plaza (the new address doesn't seem to be listed on the site.)

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Another option is a new "virtual" bakery- www.basickneadsbakery.com. Although Cat (the owner and EG member) is actively looking for a space, right now she will take orders and deliver. All of her baked goods are wonderful!

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Another great birthday cake bakery is Mills in Wood Ridge. I had a chocolate cake with bananas, fresh strawberries & whipped cream from there that was birthday cake perfection for me.

(201) 438-7690

275 Valley Blvd

Wood Ridge, NJ 07075

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Got the cake from Flour Patch last night and it was BEAUTIFUL and adorable and just delicious to boot.

The cake was exceptionally moist (old-fashioned-style) with large shreds of carrot and mildly spiced. It had cream cheese frosting in the middle and vanilla buttercream on the outside. The top and bottom edges were decorated with large violet dots and the sides were stuck with iced sugar cookies and the top with iced sugar-cookie lollie-pops--balloons and candles. It was truly spectacular and could have fed 15 to 18, though it was meant for 10. We only got through a third of it and we are big eaters!

They were also extremely pleasant to deal with. I will say that I wanted to find another bakery after a horrible experience at Gina's Panificio.

Thank YOU so much for the recommendation. We will be going back.

"After all, these are supposed to be gutsy spuds, not white tablecloth social climbers."

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