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anyone have a special and nice fruit juice recommendation?

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hey Fangjin, I love fresh juice too so every day I whip up a different mix of fruits/some veg and often herbs and ginger depending on my mood and the season, so if I were you I would buy a good juicer and you'll only be limited by your imagination...eg. for lunch today a mixture of cucumber, pears, nashis, ginger, basil and blueberries...very cooling as it is quite hot, (95% from my garden) :smile:

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Have you tried Mango juice? Especially now is the mango season to enjoy. You can make mango juice just by blending it in the blender (after removing the skin). Make sure to use mixer grinder similar to Innomix Surya which pulverizes the fiber and the juice is more homogeneous.

You can also make a milkshake with milk and mango slices.

You can also make a milk shake with banana, mango and jack fruit (fresh fruit is available in some International farmers markets or in a can in Asian stores).

We also make avacado juice. You can add little sugar if you want.

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