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Le Bernardin


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Le Bernadin is a good restaurant. However, a bit like Tom Hanks. Showed some early promise, got famous, commands a high price and overall isn't that interesting to me anymore.

"To me" are the most telling words in this post. LeB continues to serve wonderful meals to people who, I feel reasonably sure, aren't merely impressed because they read in a tattered old review that it is purported to be good. It remains, by the standards of this town, extraordinary.

This town needs higher standards if LeB is supposed to be considered "extraordinary". I went last night for dinner after having an amazing as always lunch at per se. LeB service was a complete joke with countless mistakes and being quite obvious they couldnt careless about us. Everything from making us wait 20 minutes PAST our reservation time to sit down to bringing wrong dishes, cold dishes, wrong silverware multiple times, not refolding napkins when one of us got up to use the rest room (not a big deal but is noticeable at this level), when we ordered desert we ordered 3 of them each and they brought out all 3 at once two of which were melting while we ate the first one - that of everything seriously pissed me off. It is beyond me how they have more than one star let alone 3 with subpar service like this. While the food was very good I must say I was slightly more impressed with the fish courses I had at per se earlier in the day - perhaps because they actually care unlike LeB. I also must say the countless staff walking around the dining room with those metal necklaces look completely absurd. Charging $17 for house sparkling water and espresso etc was also a bit tacky and nickel and diming when your spending hundreds of dollars per person. The one major plus of LeB was they did not automatically add the tip to the check because they had no chance in hell of us walking out and leaving anything close to a 20% or more tip.

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Today Le Bernardin pastry chef Michael Laiskonis announced his departure from the restaurant early next year "to pursue new dreams, new ways of expressing [himself] through cooking, and new ways of exchanging ideas." It'll be interesting to see what that means!

Edit: It looks like it means he will be leaving the kitchen to write and teach.

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