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Euro Grill - Portuguese in Caldwell


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Hey there,

I just wanted to report that I tried the new Portuguese storefront in Caldwell called Euro Grill.

Euro Grill is a simple but nicely decorated takeout/eat-in/delivery place that offers grilled BBQ meats (chicken, pork or beef ribs, etc), seafood (including Paella), and specials. A few other things as well.

The interior has almost pizzeria style tables (complete with numbers on a stand!) that had BBQ sauce and hot sauce bottles (hot sauce was good). But the kitchen is open to the dining room, and its all steel and clean. The countertop is stone and offers some stool seating.

We ordered the Portuguese Sausage to start, which I believe was a Chorizo but tasted more like a very good Kielbasa. Delicious.

She had the half-order of BBQ chicken, which came on a plate with freshly made fries (think Spanish/Ironbound restaurant-style), delicious Spanish rice, and a tad of Giardiniera. It was delicious - outside was crispy, the meat inside was still juicy.

I had a special - Portuguese Steak (a ridiculously generous portion of almost no fat steak in a garlic sauce with an egg fried on top), served with the Spanish rice, Giardiniera, and the potato chips (again, think Ironbound Spanish restaurant style). It was delicious. I ate all of it, I'm ashamed to say!

Service was friendly, and the place was busy at 8:15 when we arrived, although no wait. If there's anything negative, is that they didn't seem to have the A/C on and it was a bit hot in there.. I was a bit misty at the end ;-)

Price? The half-portion (I'd hate to see the full) entrees are about $8-$9 and the appetizer was $8. The full portion entrees are about $10-12. The special was $15. All in all, we paid about $33 before tip.

This is definitely a place to check out.

It's on Bloomfield Avenue in Caldwell, next to the gas station and near Shop-Rite Liquors.

Apologies for the lack of pictures :-(

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There's a place with the same name over in East Hanover on Ridgedale Avenue. The menu sounds about the same and the prices are as well. I've tried the East Hanover location and it was very good.

I'm going to give the Caldwell location a shot. I've got my fingers crossed that it's just as good as the other one...

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