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Cricket Hill Brewery


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Cricket Hill Brewery

24 Kulick Rd

Fairfield, NJ 07004


A coworker has been going on about a Wacky new Brewery in Fairfield. They hold tastings and tours on Fridays and even have hosted a wedding right on the brewing floor.

Thats about all I know - coworker's cousin's buddy is the owner maybe?

So, the tour and tasting cups are FREE and you can puchase bottles at a discount...

We might give it a try tonight


edit for spelling maybe I do need a beer

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I tasted their beer--I can't remember which one, and it was pretty good. I'd definitely give them another try.

My friend did the brewery tour, and he said that he had a great time and that they're not shy with the samples if you put in a minimal effort towards schmoozing.

I hope you do go, as I'd love to read your review.

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I should bring my dad, he loves Cricket Hill and I grew up in North Caldwell, just up the road from Fairfield. It's good to see a local business do well.

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