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The Boudin Link

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The Boudin Link story in The Ind

On my last trip, I am sorry I didn't make it to the Eunice Superette, but I got some at Johnson's Grocery (now called Raymond Grocery) and it's still my favorite! The review at Boudin Link is outdated. So much boudin, so little time....


You'll be surprised to find out that Congress is empowered to forcibly sublet your apartment for the summer.

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Much respect for what you guys are doing. I've been to the boudin link page in the past for reference in preparation for a 'boudin run' I did with friends.

I've been to about 75% of the places you have listed and agree with them for the most part. I live in Carencro almost perfectly positioned between Don's on the I-49 service road and the Best Stop, about 5 minutes from either one.

I also work in Opelousas (my home town) and pick up some Billy's when I'm there. I always give places a second or third chance and noticed with many of them the boudin (and especially cracklins) tend to be very good in the morning, whereas on the afternoon I've gotten mixed results. Seems logical but also says something about the kind of operation they run.

I suppose some of these places can't really afford to throw away an entire batch if it doesn't taste exactly right. Sometimes people have brought boudin to party and when I find out where they got it I have to ask "are you sure?"

Looking forward to ya'll future projects.

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And while we're talking about boudin, has everyone seen this project by the Southern Foodways Alliance:

The Boudin Trail

It's a collection of oral histories with the folks who make boudin.

I know that at this very moment one intrepid writer is working on getting more oral histories from boudin makers.

Todd A. Price aka "TAPrice"

Homepage and writings; A Frolic of My Own (personal blog)

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