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Deli Meats in Seattle (besides Salumi)?

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near a scary looking club and an african grocery yes?

there's another European store on the west side of aurora somewhere nearby-ish that's just a bit south of the giant asian market that's also on the west side of Aurora up there... (ditto with the helpful recollection of names & cross streets :wacko:)

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Now that we've bravely ventured outside the Seattle city limits...

Hans' Sausage & Deli in Burien is a great German deli, offering a mix of stuff made in-house and imported from the Vaterland.

Hans gets a lot of their bread from Hess Deli in Lakewood one of the places I wanted to share above if you wnat to come this far south but Hans is nice I like it ..just the bakery at Hess is on sight so it is so much fresher and next door is another coffee shop bakery with real German cakes and pastries to complete your meal

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Oh yeah - North on Aurora, before Edmonds somewhere, is another "European" Deli - very eastern European. Some crazy meats and sausages, those charming and occasionally good fancifully wrapped chocolates from Russia and elsewhere, blinzes, videos...It's on the East side of the street - a little strip mall oriented perpendicula to the street, mainly facing south. Vague enough?

This one is just south of the Sam's Club Warehouse store (same side) on Aurora (around 135th and Aurora). They do have some very interesting deli meats, but you gotta check the pull dates on some of the packaged stuff because I once walked out of there with some gravy mix that had a pull date a couple of months past the date I bought it.


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Carpatia Sausage

1514 NE 177th St

Shoreline, WA 98155

(206) 417-5567

(This is just off of 15th Ave NE and NE 175th.)

(I have no connection to this place other than as a very irregular but very satisfied customer.)

This shop is amazing. The guy who owns it runs it. Seems to be a one-man show. Everything homemade in the back of his shop. Wonderful sausages, smoked meats, hams, pork chops, etc. Central European tradition -- Slovakian (that's his heritage, I think), Hungarian, Czech, etc.

I don't remember specifically deli meats but then I wasn't looking for those. He also has wonderful breads, things like cabbage soup in the freezer, at holidays he always has special dishes from various middle European traditions. At Christmas he had this wonderful sausage roll, fresh, which I devoured on the spot!

Call first if you can. Not always open at expected times. But check it out -- you won't be sorry!


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